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Quake III Arena / Quake Live

This level was my entry for the Maverickservers Q3 Mapping Competition #4 where it received first place out of 8 entries. The map's theme builds up on McSarge's, a fictive company for deathmatch supply and manufacturing. Offering Rocket Launchers, Jumppads, Armors with superior build quality, the enterprise managed to build up an overwhelming monopoly. Prior to entering the Deathmatch market in 1999, the family business founded in the late 19th centuary focused on coal and steel productions only; expanding quickly and eventually raising up their palett of products. To date, the company that went up a steep path during the industrial revolution still has it's old fashioned beauty to it, as well as the flawless product quality.

McSarge's center atrium

Making the level took about 6 weeks, including developing the layout, creating the textures from references (taken from cgtextures.com) texturing, lighting, shader effects and technical optimization. On the map itself you can find one Mega Health, one Red Armor, one Yellow Armor, two Green Armors and all of Quake 3's weapons minus the BFG. Gameplay wise, I was aiming towards a fast paced and vertical setup as I usually tend to do. Additionally, to give the level an unique touch, I tried to develop some extraordinairy angles and routes to have an extended learning curve for the player while keeping the basic layout simple enough to make the layout accessable and easy.

McSarge's RA area

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