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Left Behind

Quake III Arena / Quake Live

Left Behind was my entry for the Maverickservers Quake 3 Mapping competition #2 where it won 3rd place out of 12 entries. The level was eventually added to QuakeLive as a part of the Strogg map pack in the QuakeLive Premium Pack #15. To fit the other maps of the strogg pack, The Edge and Warehouse, Left Behind deploys the same strogg texture theme giving it a Quake II or Quake IV atmosphere.

Left Behind RA area

The level was constructed for 2on2 Team Deathmatch and features a compact 4 room layout holding all wepons minus the BFG, one Megahealth, two Yello Armors, one Green Armor and a Red Armor. As a part of the competition, this map was constructed within 10 weeks while the retexturing took another few days.

Left Behind RG pool

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Left Behind YA chamber

Left Behind MH area

Left Behind was originally using evillair's eq2 texture set and was retextured when being added to Quake Live. You can find screenshots of the original Quake III arena version below.

Left Behind Q3 MH area

Left Behind Q3 RA area

Left Behind Q3 RG pool