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The Edge

Quake Live
Commissioned by id software

The Edge, also known as Q2DM1, is one of the most played deathmatch maps of all time created by Tim Willits. I had the great honor of being asked to work on a total conversion of this classic Quake II arena for Quake Live in association with Adam 'SyncError' Pyle (QuakeLive associate producer). My tasks for this map were a complete retexturing, detailing, cleaning up some of the brushwork and doing technical optimization. The level is built off the original Quake II source file and deploys a Strogg theme created using partially reworked Quake IV diffuse maps, official QuakeLive assets and some of my own creations. Reworking the map took about 4 weeks of on and off work next to university and other things.

The Edge main atrium

The Edge main atrium

The Edge RA room

The Edge is property of id Software, LLC. Images used with permission.