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Quake III Arena / Quake Live

This level was licensed by id Software for use in their free to play, online shooter Quake Live. Infinity was my first Quake 3 capture the flag map built for 4on4 play and was eventually ported to Quake Live. The map features a dark theme that one might connect with a water plant or a simular facility. The textures have been created by me using photo references from cgtextures.com.

Infinity flag room

The levels layout is rather small and straight forward to provide a fast and fluent gameplay experience. On the map you can find all weapons, except the RG and the BFG, as well as one Mega Health and two Yellow Armors. In the water tunnels enclosing the center area you can find one medkit for each side. According to house of quake statistics, infinity is the 4th most played map in ctf pickups in 2022.

Infinity MH area

Tournament appearances: §

Infinity mid

Infinity red perimeter

Infinity red flag room

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