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Quake Live

This level was licensed by id Software for use in their free to play, online shooter Quake Live. Cure is a Quake Live 1on1 level featuring a gloomy sanatorium theme. I found my inspiration for this setting browsing several sanatorium galleries over at opacity.us.

Cure MH area

On the map you can find all weapons except the BFG and one Red Armor, two Yellow Armors, one Green Armor and a Mega Health as the major pickups. In this level I paid a lot of attention to vertical gameplay to provide a great gameplay experience.

Cure MH area

Cure uses mainly Quake Live stock textures; some of them were altered to fit the theme better. Making the map took around 6 weeks, including developing the theme and the layout.

Cure RA area

Cure lower corridor

Cure YA area

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