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Cold Cathode

Quake Live
with Tom Perryman

Cold Cathode is a collaborative project I've worked on with Tom "Phantazm11" Perryman. The map was contracted by id software for the release with the QuakeLive Premium Pack #15 in December 2012. The map deploys a snowy winter theme backed up by fluorescent light tubes indicating the base colors in Capture The Flag games. My tasks during the making of the level were mostly gameplay related. I developed the initial layout and send it back and forth with phantazm11 until we were happy with it. Afterwards Phantazm11 came up with most of the visuals and I did cleanup and technical optimization. Eventually, when the map got included with QuakeLive Adam 'SyncError' Pyle (QL associate producer) made some final gameplay tweaks to improve the map's flow.

Cold Cathode flag room

Cold Cathode RA perimeter

Cold Cathode mid

Cold Cathode mid