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Quake Live (unreleased) / Quake Champions

Originally named "Tempest", this level was licensed by id Software for use in their free to play, online shooter Quake Live. Despite never been released with Quake Live, Awoken was converted and released by id software and Saber Interactive for Quake Champions (QC) in April 2018. Please note that I am solely responsible for gameplay design of the QC version and have not contributed to the visuals.

The version of Awoken you can play in QC is very close to the original Quake Live version, gameplay wise. Adam 'SyncError' Pyle has made additional improvments to the QC version's gameplay. Notable channges are the middle ground route from RG area to Heavy Armor area, the additional armor in center atrium, the removal of the 2nd RL in MH room and the ringouts.

Awoken was developed as a competetive duel map but is greatly popular in TDM and regular deathmatch as well. The central idea of the map was, from the beginning, the two-sided teleporter in the middle of the map. While blocking physical flow, it connects the strong and the weak side of the map visually, making for a rich learning curve and interconnected gameplay.

The Quake Live version of Awoken has for many years been a work in progress project that I get back to when I find time. The map was initially planned out in 2011 and since then life has provided me with many challenges and opportunities outside of game level design that lead to the unreleased status of this map.

Center map atrium (wip)

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