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with Conrad Justin

Amberfall was our submission to the Diabotical Season 1 mapping contest where it won 2nd place. Additionally, it was awarded the "Most Creative" award. The map was included in the game's official map pool and made it into the season 2 duel rotation.

Amberfall MH area

The map deploys a combination of the japanese theme and the industrial theme included in the Diabotical assets. Synthesizing a japanese cyberpunk theme we tried to add a new visual idea to the game, despite using only existing assets.

Amberfall garden

Gameplay wise, the map is quite experimental for a Diabotical duel map. Relying on three blue armors additionally to a mega health, the item layout puts a focus on map control by levering out the game's armor pickup limits. A number of possible trick jumps and angles to take make for a rich learning curve and allow for the map's gameplay to evolve over time.

Amberfall MH area

Amberfall tele room

Amberfall archway

Amberfall center corridor

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