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New portfolio site launched

Launch post! Some notes on the hows and whys |

For a a fear years now I have been trying different approaches to operating a low maintenance effort portfolio site in a sustainable and archivable way.

This is my latest approach relying on the static site generator 11ty and gitlab ci/cd for deployment. 11ty allows for easy content management with re-usable templates relying on templating languages like Markdown or Nunjucks while incorporating the powers of CSS and Javascript. Site and content are managed in a git repository on gitlab and re-deploy automatically to my webserver when a commit is pushed to the main branch.
Since the output of 11ty is just plain static html and css, the site can be easily archived while still offering me a reasonably dynamic interface for content management.

The main purpose of this project is documenting my architecture projects. However, since I get asked about my level design projects every once in a while, I decided to give them an own subsite. Then there is the blog you are reading which shall function more as a personal archive rather than something people may actively follow.