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[id tech 3] deformVertexes normal

Divergence in shader manual and source |

While working on the water shading sample map I had an issue with the shader declaration deformVertexes normal causing the engine to complain about unkown numeric shader parameters.

deformVertexes normal console warning

I double checked with the shader manual which notes the following params for deformVertexes normal:

deformVertexes normal <div> <func> <base> <amplitude> <freq>

Not being able to resolve the issue I went on a hunt online to see if I could find any additional info on the matter. I ended up in the quake 3 source on github, surprised to see different params listed for the usage of deformVertex normal:

deformVertexes normal <frequency> <amplitude>

I adjusted the params in my shader and the warning was gone. However, it was still not quite behaving the way the params suggest. I went ahead and asked nigrum/garux, the project founder of netradiant-custom, if he had any idea about it and he pointed out to me that he had made fixes to q3map2 as well as corrections to the shader manual resolving the problem. The up to date params are in the shader manual that ships with netradiant-custom and will apparently only apply to the version of q3map2 that is included with it.

deformVertexes normal <amplitude> <frequency>