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Mutable living Brandenburg

Project Focus: Reuse, Flexibility, Sustainable Living
Project Start: April 2018
Project Duration: Work in Progress
Total GFA: 270 sqm
Netto Floor Area: 190 sqm
Building Stock Year: ca. 1900
Location: Brandenburg
Beds total: 4
Stock Materials: 2 Layers Brick Construction with rear Ventilation 440mm, Wood Framework, gabled purlin roof
New Materials: Wood Framework
Project Keywords: Building Stock, Flexible Living, Sustainable Living, Recycling, Rural Country, Quality transfer, building economics, buiding law, living, celebrating, local supply, seperating, connecting, accessible living, premises


What is the life expectation of an architecture today? Living conditions and routines have changed so rapidly in the past decade that any presumptions about our future way of living is nothing more than pretentious. Every so often we stumble upon the typologies that leave us free to adapt; to make our environment designate our life in new ways over and over again. With the traditional typology of the barn, we find a building type that acts economically smart for a maximum multitude of agricultural uses. It is this non deterministic pragmatism that make the typology sustainable and exemplaric for a contemporary attitude towards culture that rejects
routine and embraces change.